One Thing that Kills Weight Loss and Stops Your Health Journey in its Tracks

Have you ever heard of “Analysis Paralysis”?

You may have heard the phrase “Analysis Paralysis”, originally coined by H. Igor Ansoff   in 1965, and used more recently by many business influencers and motivational speakers. Typically it is used in reference to new entrepreneurs.

Analysis paralysis happens when a person wants to try something new, so they start to learn about it by reading, watching videos, etc. However, they reach a threshold when they have learned just about everything that they possibly can by learning passively. The time has come to start actually USING what they’ve learned… but they keep reading and watching more tutorials, trying to learn more, completely over-analyzing and overthinking to the point of decision-making “paralysis”.

Obviously, it is great to learn as much as you can before taking big risks. However, Analysis paralysis kicks in when you continue to learn – though you already know enough to start – in order to procrastinate on actually starting.


possibilities sign fitness success

Start Simple.

We see this with weight loss all the time. People study the best exercises to burn the most calories, or the best nutrition for their body type. And while it can be useful to have an idea of where you currently are, we all know the basics of fitness and weight loss: exercise more, eat less (and healthy), and get the right amount of sleep. It’s actually quite simple. Not easy… but simple.

The key is to start simple, and start small. Don’t know what nutrition plan to begin? Simply replace your daytime snacks with veggies. Don’t know which exercise routine you want to follow? Just start doing more than you currently are. If you already do cardio 3 times a week, throw in an extra day of strength training or body weight workouts. If you don’t exercise at all yet, start by taking a walk around your block or neighborhood each morning. Start simple.


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Just Start.

At some point, the most important thing to do is just to start. The reason this is so vital is because you’ll find out more quickly what does or doesn’t work for you. Then, you can change game plans quickly, before you’ve invested a lot of time, energy, or money on it. You tried running and don’t like it? That’s ok. Hopefully, you started simple and didn’t already buy the most expensive running gear. Try swimming, biking, or zumba for your cardio. Don’t like weight lifting? That’s fine. Try some combination workouts using lighter weights or body weight, or try rock climbing to build more muscle.


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You can do this.

Most people don’t start because they are afraid of failing. But failure isn’t a bad thing – it is just a type of active learning, and a vital part of your path to success. Failure should be expected anytime you start something different. When you try something new, treat it like an experiment; “success” is when your experiment goes the way you want it to. “Failure” is when it doesn’t go the way you hoped. All that means is that you need to change a variable and try again. The only thing limiting you is your mindset. You can do this.

So, do you suffer from analysis paralysis?

Look at your time – do you spend more time learning about starting to exercise, or have you gotten out there and started? How many diets have you researched – and how many have you actually tried? Action is the most powerful thing you can do to get where you want to be. In health, in business, and in relationships… Stop over-analyzing and take action.

Start simple – just Start. You can do this.

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If you currently find yourself paralyzed by the sheer number of fitness programs out there, narrow down your options with our Top 5 Online Fitness Resources. Choose one and start today! If you want a single source for diet and fitness information, check out Joanna Soh’s YouTube channel. She offers great fitness and nutrition recommendations in an easy-to-digest video format.

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