6 Reasons You Can’t Stick to Your Workout Routine – and How to Fix it!

I’m sure you’ve been there; you are ready to dedicate yourself to regular workouts – to lose weight, to get stronger, or to feel better about yourself. Whatever the reason, it’s great to add exercise to your day.

Athlete standing behind a large barbell on the gym floor
Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

So you find a new workout series online, or you buy a set of DVDs or join a gym. At first, it’s great! You’re sweating, you’re working hard, and you are ready for change! But the infatuation wears off.

One day you’re too sore to get out of bed early enough to exercise…

Or you’ve developed an injury…

Or your coworkers want to go out for beers, so you skip the gym…

two people doing a toast with glasses full of beer
Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

These situations are all too common, and there are some very specific reasons why you can’t stick to your workout routine.

Here are 6 Reasons You Can’t Stick to a Workout Routine – And How to Fix it!

1) You are trying to go it alone

woman standing alone on the end of a pier over the ocean
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Although it is great to pull up a free youtube or Amazon workout video and exercise alone in your living room, It can be difficult to stay accountable. When your S/O is snacking on chips and the family is watching TV, how are you supposed to hold yourself to your higher standard of health? The best way to fix this is to get someone else involved!

  1. Go to group fitness classes
  2. Get your family involved – walk to the park, go swimming together, or just do any activity that gets you away from the TV and computer
  3. Get your friends involved – train for a 5k together, or join your coworkers on a lunchtime walk

2) You aren’t eating the right foods

pizza and pizza boxes, coco cola, and a laptop on a desk
Photo by Creative Vix from Pexels

You’ve started exercising, but you just don’t feel good. Maybe it’s headaches, excessive soreness, or general discomfort. Chances are, you are missing something from your diet. Track your diet for a week using an app, or a pen and paper. Are you getting at least 8 glasses of water a day? What does your protein and carbohydrate intake look like? Many people think they need to go “low carb” when they are trying to exercise or lose weight, when in fact your body needs carbohydrates in order to recover from a workout.

Note: If you are having severe symptoms that last for more than a couple days, you may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor to ensure nothing more serious is wrong

3) You’re only working out when you “feel” like it

woman sitting on couch, drinking a hot beverage, wearing Christmas socks
Photo by Tookapic from Pexels

This is a big one. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like exercising. These are the days when it is extra important to get some activity in. It can be something easy, like a walk through the neighborhood, a leisurely bike ride, or stretching. The key is to keep yourself in the habit of getting some sort of exercise and not upsetting your routine.

4) It’s not fun/ is too repetitive

man lying in a field looking at the sky
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

If you try an exercise program that you just don’t like or that you find boring, it is nearly impossible to follow through with it. Try a few different types of workouts – weight lifting, yoga, Zumba, water aerobics, jogging, or Pilates, to name a few. If there is one that is more enjoyable (or less unbearable) than the others, keep trying it! You may have discovered something that you will enjoy and be good at!

5) The opposite – you’re not getting enough repetition or structure

wooden post with a red arrow pointing to the right
Photo by Jens Johnsson from Pexels

While it is good to have variety in your workouts, it is good to have a balance between new and familiar. Becoming familiar with the types of movements needed for good form is extremely important to prevent injury. And always doing a new workout can be chaotic and make you feel like you aren’t seeing progress. Let yourself become familiar with one type of workout, and then if it becomes too repetitive, try another.

6) You get in too deep, too fast

man lying on gym floor next to barbell, exhausted
Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

Don’t let pride get in the way; there is nothing wrong with a “Beginner” workout. I’ve made the mistake of jumping into heavy weights or an intense HIIT routine after not working out for a month or two… And I almost always end up too sore to move, dispirited from feeling “out of shape”, or I end up injured. If it is your first time working out in awhile, or if you aren’t feeling your best, it is 100% OK to take it easy until your body gets used to the routine again. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Do you have any fail-proof tips to get your workout in every day? Share in the comments!

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