How to Never Miss a Workout

Let’s face it – life gets busy, and it’s easy for one missed workout to turn into a week of missed workouts… suddenly you look up, and it’s been a month since you’ve hit the gym.

But don’t be discouraged! We have all been there, which is why I wanted to share my 6 tips on How to Never Miss a workout!

1) Schedule it! Actually take the time to create a calendar reminder so that you will be notified of your upcoming workout. When you block out a specific time to get some activity in, you’ll have a stronger sense of commitment to it.

Calendar with red circle around the date
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2) Create a routine. Exercise at the same times/days each week, at least at first. Getting used to regular exercise is a big part of the battle. Once you get into a routine, you will feel your body start to anticipate your workout at the same time every day, and you may even find that you start to look forward to it!

Fashionable woman checking the time on her watch
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3) Eliminate Distractions. When you are dreading a workout, suddenly the bathrooms need a deep clean, or the carpet is suddenly so dirty it just has to be vacuumed right now. If you take care of little distractions beforehand, they won’t be there to distract you when it is time to get your workout in.

green iron heating clothes
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4) Take a break – but keep it relevant. If you really don’t have the energy to exercise, you can take a break, but stay on topic. Maybe a break is taking a walk instead of doing your regular full workout, or you can focus on stretching. If those aren’t options, it’s good to keep healthy habits in the front of your mind so your break doesn’t extend into a full week of breaks. Read a blog about fitness or nutrition, or look up a healthy lunch recipe for later in the week.

Woman working on laptop with cute desk accesories
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5) Take a break. If your body truly needs a break, it will let you know. Extreme soreness, exhaustion, headaches, and painful joints are all signs that you need to take a day off. Forcing it when your body is telling you to rest is likely to land you with an injury that could keep you out of the gym for much longer than one missed workout.

teddy bear with bandages
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6) Make it social! Get someone else to hold you accountable. This can be a friend that you meet for your daily walk, a group fitness class at your local gym, or even one of the many apps that are designed to hold you accountable for missed workouts or weight loss. When someone is around to call you out on skipping last week’s yoga class, you’re a lot less likely to miss it. Plus, it’s fun to work out with friends!

two women stretching silhouetted by a pond
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What are your tips to never miss a workout? Let us know in the comments!

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